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9 steps to instant, no-bake clay art

No bake festive art collage\ Image template from

When last were you this close to unearthing your creative potential? Learn how to win with clay and unlock new talents you (maybe) didn't know you had.

What you get

A clay project that uses no energy

Traditionally, clay is baked, or fired, at about 1000 °C over a good number of hours in a kiln - and that's only the first stage. At-home baking methods need an oven temperature of about 375°C, although for much less time. All this is much too costly. Your no-bake clay project uses clay that dries naturally over 48 - 72 hours when exposed to air.

Live-stream video workshop from your instructor

Many creative influencers only post snapshot videos of their diy projects on social media. Their videos don't pass on in-depth knowledge of the steps or process involved. Your no-bake clay project includes a live demo from your instructor. It passes on key tips and tricks to follow based on twenty years of experience.

Instant access to template downloads and project blueprint

Sure, there are plenty of template downloads on the web and why wouldn't there be? But, the downloads in your no-bake clay project are the correct size you'll need. They're also hand-traced with the finished piece in mind. The one-page blueprint shares tips and advice for completing this air-dry clay project and others, too.

Step-by-step tutorial cheat sheet

All the steps are written down in one place for you to follow with ease and at your own pace. Your no-bake clay project provides precise details of what you need, the best order to complete the steps and a guideline of timings.

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Meet your instructor

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Hello! Thanks for dropping in. I'm so glad you're here.

I'm a 'digital warrior' by day and something of a visionary crafter by night. I often wake up from deep slumber thinking about all the pretty things I can make. Maybe that's why my morning coffee habit is somewhat unbreakable!

I've also been dabbling with clay projects over the past 20 years.

And recently, this got me thinking.

How can you instantly make a festive clay project at home without baking? How can you do this without the traditional costs of working with clay?

The answer. This no-bake clay art project that's ready in 9 simple steps.

I'm so excited to share this with you that I'll even throw in an Gift Card for craft supplies when you sign up.


Get a £10 eGift Card* towards craft supplies when you sign up.

Plus downloads to use right away

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*Restrictions apply, see

I'm so confident that you'll have fun with this project and learn valuable tips along the way. But if you have any doubts, you can get a full refund* after 90 days. *Refund excludes gift card.

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Here's everything you get

a clay art project that uses no energy

live-stream video workshop from your instructor

instant access to template downloads and blueprint

step-by-step tutorial cheat sheet

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